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Whether you’re installing a new pool or renovating the one you already have, the most important thing about your pool pavers Monash is that it should durable, safe, and stylish. Don’t settle for less.

Contact Custom Pool Stone and see what the right coping can do for your home’s appearance and your family’s safety.  

Mix materials

Think of how your paving Monash will look with the rest of your yard. Some people like to create contrast and texture, and use brick, tile or other materials for their walk ways and steps. Others prefer a monochromatic look.

We can work with you to customize the design and color of your coping to achieve the look you desire.     


Play with colour

Natura stone comes in different shades and finishes, and can even be combined to create a unique design. And unlike other coping materials like cement or brick, stone actually looks better the longer it is exposed to the elements.

Show off the shape

Before, the only way to create curved pool stone coping was to trim rectangle pavers. Design options were limited, and the results weren’t always aesthetically pleasing.  

We use a new technology that allows us to shape the stone by hand. This looks sleeker, and also opens many design possibilities. You can follow the curve of your pool, or create a sculptural design that turns your pool into a focal point.

Combined with high quality stone materials and thoughtful landscaping, your pool area will look just like a five-star resort.

At Custom Pool Stone we offer a wide range of services

Removal of existing pool surrounds such as stone, pavers or concrete
Laying of new custom stone coping
Laying of new custom stone pavers
Templating and colour/texture advice
Sale of pool stone in kit form or fully installed

What is pool coping?

Coping is the capping or edging that is placed around the swimming pool wall. It separates the swimming pool edge from the surrounding surface area and helps to protect the pool structure.

Coping can be applied to any permanent pool, spa or hot tub structure.

Custom Pool Stone makes swimming pool, spa and hot tub coping in any shape and size. Both straight and irregular-shaped pools are our specialty. There are a range of coping options including bullnosed, chiselled, square aris and dropface. You can even select seamless coping with matching stone pavers or highlight existing paving by choosing contrasting colours or textures.

We have a range of samples at our showroom to meet all of your requirements.

Why use Custom Pool Stone?

The main difference between Custom Pool Stone and our competitors is the way the stone is made. We custom cut every piece of stone to fit your pool perfectly resulting in perfect curves and seamless lines. This reduces the grout lines and makes for a modern and aesthetically pleasing outcome.


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